Success will come from loving your business

Owning and running a business has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my life. It has also provided some of the biggest challenges.

Success will come from loving your business

Owning and running a business has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my life.  It has also provided some of the biggest challenges.  Over the past 12 years I have learned how to make being an entrepreneur an entirely fulfilling and joyful experience, but it isn’t always easy. Business ownership can shape your life and who you are.  Entrepreneurship drives where you spend your time and the people that you spend it with.  It determines your financial status and at a more personal level it can impact your stress levels and self-esteem. 

Many of the business owners I work with are overworked and frustrated, they are burning out because their business is not fuelling their passion.  We’ve all been there but it’s never the path to success. When frustration builds you can’t be at your most effective, you won’t feel fulfilled, and you are unlikely to have a business that achieves its financial potential.  In this situation it is no surprise if a business owner loses sight of why he or she set up the business in the first place.

What I know from working with businesses of all shapes and sizes is that there are three key areas to focus on to make sure that you continue to love your business and it becomes your best friend as you achieve success together.

The drive to add value

The desire to add value is one of the key drivers for every human being. We want to have a positive impact on the people around us and the business we run. We also want recognition from others for using our talent and skills in a positive way.  

We grow as individuals when we make a contribution, so I focus on this every single day.  

We should all work to create a positive business environment where every team member has a chance to shine and contribute in a meaningful way.  

Realising potential

Every human being thrives in an environment of self-development.  If we don’t grow as individuals we will stagnate.  

How this development looks will vary from one person to another.  Some love learning a new skill. Others will relish solving an accounting problem or turning a family recipe into a commercial product.  

A business in which all team members can realise their potential will have people queuing up to be hired.

Managing energy

Working to the point where you are running on empty can only lead to burnout and failure. 

Often we keep pushing when actually taking a rest will give us more energy and the ability to achieve far more. Overworking is the quickest way to poor results.  By managing your energy you’ll be able to create an environment of success. 

I make sure I create an environment where we recharge as often as we can. 

Creating an environment where we can stay in love with our business and share the love with our team and our customers allows us to thrive in any climate. 

Karen Dunne-Squire
Karen Dunne-Squire

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