One in four workers don’t do any exercise at all

New research from CV-Library reveals that while many UK employees want to stay healthy, many struggle to fit workouts around work

One in four workers don’t do any exercise at all

From increasing focus at work to reducing the number of sick days, businesses clearly benefit if employees stay healthy. But it seems like a lot of workers struggle to find enough time to hit the gym. In fact, new research from CV-Library, the job board, has revealed that this is something many professionals struggle with.

Having surveyed 1,200 UK workers, CV-Library found that 59.4% of people try to exercise during the working week. However, this may be easier said than done, as 24% of them fail to do any training at all and 31.6% only work up a good sweat once or twice a week at the most. And despite employees’ good intentions it seems as if prioritising work often gets in the way, with two-thirds skipping workouts because they’ve had to stay late at the office.

Given the disparity between professionals’ ambitions and the reality of employment, it’s hardly surprising that 66.6% of professionals wish they could exercise more throughout the working week. And four-fifths wish their employer would do more to help them keep fit. For instance, 49.9% suggested that their bosses could provide free or discounted gym memberships as a workplace perk. Alternatively, a fifth wishes that their employers allowed more flexible working to fit around individual exercise regimens.

Commenting on the research, Lee Biggins, founder and managing director or CV-Library, said: “It’s clear that professionals are looking to their employers for support when it comes to making their work and lifestyle fit around one another. Though it might not always be possible to offer flexible hours or free gym memberships, it’s important you are doing all you can to support your workforce and take their wellbeing into consideration.”

Introducing perks like these may initially seem like a superfluous cost. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs can clearly benefit from introducing a workplace culture that prioritises health. Not only can it help employees become more productive but it can also help create a friendlier environment. And who could put a price on that?

Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson

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