Forget new year, new me – prepare for new year, new staff

Cultivating a great culture goes beyond installing a ping pong table or making sure there’s always a fully-stocked biscuit jar in the kitchen – preparation is key to retain and attract staff all-year round

Forget new year

When it comes to job hunting, January can be somewhat of an open season. This can often make the new year a tough time for businesses as some of its best employees start looking for roles elsewhere. But for those actively scaling their teams, January can be a good time to capitalise on the influx of new job seekers in the market.

So how do you ensure your business doesn’t get left behind? The first and most important thing to bear in mind is that a great Christmas party in the last few weeks of the year isn’t going to be the deciding factor. Staff retention is driven by a company’s culture which is something that needs to be a priority 365 days a year.

A strong culture is about defining the values that really speak to who you are as a business and then using them as an anchor for how the whole team interacts and works together.

Having a clear mission and making sure you build your team with people who really believe in it is crucial. I’ve found what really motivates people is the opportunity to make a difference – whether that’s in a company, industry or the wider world.

It’s also about providing an environment where employees can grow and progress. When you hire talented and motivated people, it stands to reason that they’ll have big ambitions for their careers. Having a culture of developing and promoting great talent from within means they can reach or even exceed, those ambitions without leaving your business.

But what if you’re actively looking to scale your team with new talent? Your employer brand should be a top consideration. This is an extension of your corporate brand, which focuses on how your business comes across to potential employees.

There are a lot of great employers out there so it’s essential to identify what sets your business apart. If your employer brand is true to your culture and values, it shouldn’t only attract the best talent but also the right kind of candidates who will be a good fit with the rest of the team.

Whether you’re kicking off the new year with an established team or setting the tone for a great 2019 with new joiners, January is the perfect time to get everyone geared up for the months ahead. Use this as an opportunity to fuel excitement for the mission, build energy around the values and inspire those with big career dreams to make them a reality within your business. 

Anil Stocker
Anil Stocker

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