Entrepreneurs Network launches manifesto to boost UK entrepreneurship

Think tank outlines host of policy proposals to help Britain's start-ups flourish now and in the future

Entrepreneurs Network launches manifesto to boost UK entrepreneurship

The bid to make Blighty the most enterprising nation on the planet will certainly involve some graft from the government, entrepreneurs and other business leaders. One of those fighting the good fight is the think tank Entrepreneurs Network which yesterday launched An Entrepreneurs’ Manifesto at the House of Lords.  

The initiative outlines the group’s proposals to reform Britain’s entrepreneurship policies, increase university commercialisation of scientific innovations and create an alignment of development aid objectives with British trade policy in emerging markets.

The manifesto comprises of 17 papers, each proposing one way to support and promote high-growth start-up businesses in Britain. The line-up of authors includes names from the business world and a host of MPs including Toby Perkins, Anne Marie Morris and Tim Farron.

The group also emphasises that international and educational reforms are needed to encourage entrepreneurial pursuits on these shores. Proposed reforms include the implementation of a more flexible visa system for international graduates who want to be entrepreneurs, along with a move to get schools and colleges to better promote entrepreneurship and scientific innovation. It is argued  that such measures will go a long way to gearing up our youngsters for the cut and thrust world of business. 

The group goes on to assert that the government must implement a package of pro-entrepreneurship reforms including extending Entrepreneurs’ Relief, introducing business advice vouchers and a business rate reform to help revitalise the economy.

“The Government must deliver more policies to allow entrepreneurs to succeed,” said Philip Salter, director of the Entrepreneurs Network. “Entrepreneurship does not belong to any political party and I’m encouraged to see cross-partisan recognition that there is much more that can be done to help start-ups flourish today.”

Hear, hear! 

Dara Jegede
Dara Jegede

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