Entrepreneurial bonds: The power of business best friends in achieving success

In our fast-paced and competitive world of business, entrepreneurs often find themselves facing numerous challenges and hurdles.

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In our fast-paced and competitive world of business, entrepreneurs often find themselves facing numerous challenges and hurdles. Building a successful business requires not only a great idea and strong execution but also a support system that can provide guidance, motivation, and valuable insights. While mentors and advisors play a crucial role in an entrepreneur’s journey, the significance of having a “business best friend” cannot be underestimated.

So what is a business best friend?

A business best friend is someone who shares your entrepreneurial spirit and understands the unique challenges you face. They are there to lend an empathetic ear, offer advice, and celebrate successes with you. This bond goes beyond the conventional professional relationships; it is rooted in trust, camaraderie, and a shared vision for success. 

And why do I need one?

First and foremost, business best friends provide unwavering support. They understand the rollercoaster nature of entrepreneurship and are there to cheer you on during both triumphs and setbacks. When faced with a tough decision or a failure, their support can be a powerful motivator to keep pushing forward. They offer a safe space to vent frustrations, share fears, and find solace in knowing that someone else is going through similar experiences.

When I set up my first business, finding my tribe of business buddies was a key milestone. I’d moved back to the North East from London and had a lot to learn. I didn’t know anyone on the local business scene, but I knew I had to network. After attending a series of boring events, I found an event that was perfect for me. It was a women in business breakfast that fit perfectly (as a single mum) with the school run. I quickly bonded with six women who had completely different businesses but who understood this rollercoaster. We set up a group chat that started being purely business but soon became life too. 

What’s the difference between a business BFF and a normal one?

Entrepreneurs often encounter situations where they need to bounce ideas off someone who truly understands the business landscape. Business best friends provide valuable feedback, challenge assumptions, and help refine concepts. Their different perspectives can shed light on blind spots and spark innovative solutions. This collaborative environment fosters growth and enables entrepreneurs to make well-informed decisions.

While friends outside of business are essential, they don’t always understand the specific pressures of running your own business. They don’t know the stress of not knowing if you will make payroll, the excitement of waiting to hear back on a big deal or the thrill of winning a prestigious business award.

Facilitating personal and professional growth

Entrepreneurs are go-getters, and we push each other to continuously learn and improve. In my own gang, we share industry insights, recommend resources, and introduce new connections. Through constructive criticism and accountability, we help each other identify strengths and weaknesses, encouraging personal development. This growth mindset is instrumental in adapting to the ever-evolving business landscape and staying ahead of the competition.

It’s not always what you know…

Business best friends offer a network of contacts and opportunities. They provide access to their own connections, expanding an entrepreneur’s reach and potential business partnerships. Collaborating with like-minded individuals opens doors to new markets, collaborations, and ventures. By leveraging each other’s networks, we can amplify our impact and create mutually beneficial opportunities.

Business best friends also foster a healthy work-life balance

While entrepreneurship demands passion and dedication, it is crucial to have a support system that reminds entrepreneurs to take care of themselves. My pals encourage regular breaks, self-care, and time with loved ones. This balance enhances overall wellbeing, prevents burnout, and fuels long-term success.

Entrepreneurial bonds forged with business best friends are a powerful force in the journey of success and growth. The understanding, support, and shared experiences that come with these relationships create a unique environment for entrepreneurs to thrive. From emotional support to valuable insights, business best friends play an integral role in an entrepreneur’s journey. We empower each other to overcome obstacles, make better decisions, and achieve their goals. So, whether you’re just starting out or already leading a successful venture, remember the power of cultivating and nurturing these entrepreneurial bonds. Your business best friend may be the missing piece that propels you to new heights.

Sophie Milliken MBE
Sophie Milliken MBE

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