Employers recognise benefits of flexible working

Research finds that having a choice of workplace location and hours can make all the difference for employees

Employers recognise benefits of flexible working

As any smart business owner will tell you, a company is nothing without its people. Hence, when it comes to attracting and retaining the crème de la crème of the talent pool, an employer must use all available tools at their disposal.

One method that’s increasing in usage as both bait and retainer is flexible working. Notwithstanding that it bears little to no cost for the employer, new figures from Regus, the work space provider, reveal the extent to which flexible working’s stock is rising. A recent study by the firm found that of the 2,600 business owners and senior executives it surveyed, over three quarters believe that flexible working improves staff retention. Meanwhile, a further 71% consider flexibility as a key measure in attracting new talent.

So when it comes to employers wanting to avoid costly staff turnover, flexible working, it seems, should top their HR agenda. This assertion is only strengthened by the fact that three quarters of those polled claim they would pick one job over another if it offered greater flexibility and a choice of work style. An equally revealing finding is the 56% of workers who said they would actually turn down a job that ruled out flexible working.

Apart from attracting new talent, flexible working measures are also recognised as a way to help workers achieve a more balanced life. Giving employees the option to work from different locations, flexi-hours or part-time work has not only been found to produce healthier, more energised and highly motivated workers but, equally, it makes them more likely to stay. Indeed, 71% of respondents to the Regus survey admitted that their employees were more loyal as a result of offering flexible arrangements. 

John Spencer, UK CEO at Regus, said: “Over the last couple of years, as the wide-ranging health and productivity benefits have become apparent, flexibility has become an essential part of any attractive job, particularly for younger workers.” 

As we conclude this piece from the comfort of a bathtub, we can safely say that flexible working is definitely the way forward. 



Dara Jegede
Dara Jegede

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