Couples who make pay together, stay together

Work and personal life were once separate entities, but a new breed of everyday entrepreneurs is coming forward to challenge that.

Couples who make pay together

Couples are finding that the support and trust built through their romantic relationship can develop into a committed business partnership. At GoDaddy, we are already providing entrepreneurial couples with the support to grow and foster their joint ventures. In order to fully understand the microbusinesses we support, we surveyed 1,000 small business owners who run or have run a small business with their romantic partner.

We were heartened to find that couples who go into business together have longer relationships that are strengthened through undertaking a joint venture. The average relationship in the UK lasts 2 years and 9 months but those who run a business together can expect to last 5 times longer. Couples who currently run, or have run, a small company with their partner last 11 years and 5 months on average. Not only do these couples last longer but almost four in five (79 per cent) reported that their relationships were strengthened by having a joint venture.

Chris and Sarah Fryer are one of the entrepreneurial couples we support to sell their goods both online and in-person. Through running their vegan comfort food business, Magpye, Chris and Sarah solidified their bond as a couple. They learnt how to communicate openly and honestly, building a supportive environment for both home and business.

By building a stronger relationship, entrepreneurial couples can expect to reap the rewards within their business. Almost four in five (78 per cent) found that the character traits that underpin a strong personal relationship were the same as those needed to run a business with a partner. Through intimately knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, couples are advantageously positioned to structure their small business in a way that complements their skillsets.

This was the approach taken by Suzi and Daniel Smith, owners of BellaBee Jewellery. They launched their business with confidence, having built a strong personal relationship for over a decade. In doing so, they learnt that their respective skillsets were entirely complementary and harnessed this for the benefit of their business.

There are risks to consider before going into business with a partner. Challenges on either side of the relationship, personal and professional, can have a detrimental impact on the other. At GoDaddy, we provide all the tools and help entrepreneurs need to succeed online and in-person, no matter what their relationship status may be. To support couples considering launching their own venture, we took our survey findings to expert relationship coach, James Preece, who offered five tips:

Schedule regular conversations

The secret to any successful relationship is healthy and frequent communication. Whether you need feedback on work or just want to chat about what’s happened that day, having open and honest communication is essential for both of your wellbeing.

Give each other space

Taking time for yourself is essential for maintaining your sanity and peace of mind. Giving your partner the chance to miss you will help your connection. Encourage them to see their friends or take part in sports and activities that don’t include you. This will also mean you have more talk about afterwards.

Be each other’s cheerleader

Remind yourselves constantly that you are both on the same team. Don’t take each other for granted or feel you are competing and celebrate each other’s little wins and achievements. That way you will grow together and strengthen your relationship.

Leave Work Behind

Have an agreement that once you stop working then you both switch off for the day. No talking about issues or focusing on anything negative. If you happen to work from home, try to dedicate one area that’s purely for work only. Your home should be a safe space where you can both relax and unwind.

Don’t forget to date

Even though you are together all the time, you still need to make time for quality time together as a couple. Try to arrange a date night once a week where you go out somewhere new or try a new activity. This keeps things exciting and gives you something to look forward to in addition to work.

Launching a small business will always have challenges to overcome but by taking note of these tips, couples can ensure their personal relationship will not be one of them. From our extensive experience of empowering everyday entrepreneurs, we know that microbusiness owners have a deep passion for the companies they run. When this is combined with the mutual trust shared between an entrepreneurial couple, both the relationship and the business stand the greatest chance of success.

Ben Law
Ben Law

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