Can reading books really make a difference to your business?

Can books really make a difference to your business? Marc Eccles from ActionCOACH UK certainly thinks they can.

Can reading books really make a difference to your business?

Can books really make a difference to your business? Marc Eccles from ActionCOACH UK certainly thinks they can. He’s the pioneer who made a success of BookCLUB and has used it to power up a number of members of his business community. 

Back in 2018 Marc set up monthly meetings to encourage local business owners to read more, learn more and be able to earn more. He selects a powerful and inspiring title to share with his dedicated group, who all take the time to read and absorb the learnings. Each member writes a book review, with a few prompts on a feedback form for guidance, and they bring these insights into the next BookCLUB. The format of Marc’s BookCLUB includes some food, drink and networking time, so as well as the literature, members also get support, ideas and encouragement from fellow business owners. 

Spreading the wisdom of thought leaders is extremely rewarding. I had one client who felt they’d got all they needed from our 1 to 1 mentoring plan but through BookCLUB read three key titles which inspired him to start his second business and reengage with more 1 to 1 coaching. 

The more things you’ll know

Marc makes sure he keeps his titles close to his chest before each meeting to encourage attendance at the next meeting, where they’ll be able to claim their next book. To add accountability, BookCLUB members sign up for at least 6 months of sessions, and as members get to know one another, they provide nudges and advice for the whole network.

These monthly sessions provide more than just the motivation to read, they’re a chance to get to know other business people and use them as a sounding board for your own growth strategies and improvement plans, developed with the help of the literature. 

Sharing learning like this is incredibly powerful. Marc tells about one of his contacts who joined and read that month’s book in 24 hours. He then gave it to his two managers saying it would change the entire way they ran the business, and within two months of them reading the text, both managers had an extra paid day off every week and the business profits have increased. What an amazing impact.

The more you learn

It’s not just the official BookCLUB arrangements that generate success. Other coaches have seen great results from making sure their clients regularly read and educate themselves in business best practices from industry giants.

James Pegg at SolidPoint is a client of Matt Bull in Leicestershire, who’s found real value in making every day a school day.

SolidPoint had toddled along for 4 years, with no real growth or development, I used to regularly work late nights into early hours and weekends to stay afloat. In less than a year of coaching we have tripled in size, more than doubled our turnover and have increased net profits. Personally I feel more educated through suggested reading, which has helped me develop out of my initial technician mindset, through to being a manager and now much more of a visionary. I now feel I own a small business rather than a very time consuming and difficult job! 

The more places you’ll go!

With most people’s commute having been removed, and no holiday sun loungers to catch up on, it can be difficult to naturally find time to read. But making the time can make a huge difference to your business’s performance, so it’s worth getting a bit more creative. 

After working with Suj Legha in Glasgow, GoGo Vision Marketing saw growth of 300% in just one year. Owner Jordan Croall points out that the biggest thing for me has been my personal development. Suj got me to read my first book since high school and I can now say I read regularly and listen to audiobooks every other day. I am a more focused and professional business owner.

As well as audiobooks, business podcasts and conferences with global thought leaders can all count as learning opportunities, even if they’re not celebrated on World Book Day! Although, as Roald Dahl said If you are going to get anywhere in life, you have to read a lot of books. So crack that spine and get ready to learn and grow.

This article comes courtesy of ActionCOACH If you’d like some help selecting and implementing the most powerful accelerated innovation strategies for your business, reach out to us! 


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