A third of UK professionals say their jobs are making them fat and unhappy

New research from CV-Library reveals that sitting long days at their desks and being overworked has left many workers feeling sad and unfit

A third of UK professionals say their jobs are making them fat and unhappy

It’s hardly a secret that Google searches for gyms spike every year in January. However, while some of this might simply be due to a desire to fight the festive flab, new research suggests entrepreneurs should pay attention if employees complain about their extra weight as it could be a symptom that they are unhappy at work.

Having surveyed 1,200 professionals across the UK, CV-Library, the job board, has revealed that 29.1% say their jobs are making them gain weight and, alarmingly, of those that acquired a few extra pounds, three-quarters felt unhappy as a result. When asked about how their jobs had added to their unhealthy lifestyle, 50.1% said it was because they sat at their desks all day, 40.8% said long hours at work left them little time to exercise and 40.3% blamed snacking at work. Stress and colleagues bringing in unhealthy snacks to share were other reasons for their extra circumference.

However, being unhealthy wasn’t the only reason why employees might feel down at work. For instance, 32.5% feel overworked, 22.1% said they have a poor work-life balance and 20.1% don’t like their company’s culture. Long commutes and not enjoying their daily tasks were among the other reasons people feel unhappy at work.

Commenting on the findings, Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said entrepreneurs can play a pivotal role in ensuring employees enjoy their work and stay healthy.
“While it can be tricky, as ultimately the lifestyle choices of your employees are out of your hands, try to encourage healthy habits,” he said. “Walk- or cycle-to-work schemes are always a great way to help staff fit in exercise around their working day. What’s more, inexpensive perks like healthy snacks and team lunches or discounted gym membership are positive ways to encourage your staff to look after themselves. After all, unhealthy and unhappy staff are going to be less motivated and, as a result, less productive.”

Given the holidays are less than a week away, founders may want to put more healthy perks for their employees underneath the Christmas tree.

Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson

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