Award-winning serial entrepreneur

Flavilla Fongang is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, and an international multilingual keynote speaker. She is the founder of 3 Colours Rule, an award-winning branding and marketing agency specialising in the technology sector. Flavilla was awarded the “She’s Mercedes” businesswoman award by Mercedes Benz among women such as Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. She is the author of “99 Strategies to get customers”. She is also the founder of Global Tech Advocates – Black Women in Tech, one of the fastest-growing and largest communities of black women in tech. She published in October 2021 “The Voices In The Shadow”. A book that features stories of black women in tech and is distributed to secondary schools for FREE across the UK and Ireland. She is a judge at the AWS Software Startups Awards 2022 and The Drum Awards. Flavilla Fongang is a recognised leader in marketing as she created the D.A.C. system and The Beyond Marketing Approach which have helped numerous brands successfully grow their business. She is the author of “99 Strategies to get customers” with a 5-star rating on Amazing. Flavilla is the chosen brand advisor for BBC and provides actionable brand strategy advice.

Computer Weekly named her among the top 2 most influential women in tech in the UK. She is an Entrepreneurship Expert with the Entrepreneurship Centre for Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. 

She has been a keynote speaker for the most prestigious international events, such as AdWeek, HubSpot, DMWF, MozCon, AdWorld, Upgrade100, CTA, MarTech and many more.

She also delivered corporate talks for the following companies: Facebook, Toyota, Zoom, Levi’s, Microsoft, Deloitte and many more