The big idea: Dropit

By bringing the convenience of online shopping to the high-street, Dropit looks set to shake up the world of retail

The big idea: Dropit

There are plenty of reasons why people are turning away from the high street towards online retail – and ease-of-experience is undoubtedly one of them. However, new shopping service Dropit is looking to bring a touch of tech to the high street for the good of retailers and shopaholics alike.

The idea for the startup was conceived while its founder Karin Cabili was indulging in some retail therapy in New York. Finding herself weighed down by a load of bags – but keen to head straight out after a day of shopping – she saw the benefit of a service that lets customers have their bags transported back to their home or hotel so that they can continue their day unburdened. And it was there that Dropit was born.

Quite simply, the service lets shoppers gather bags from numerous high-street shops into one convenient delivery. Users can choose to purchase a single bag drop for £8, a day pass for £15 or a three-day pass for £30, while the Dropit mobile app allows shoppers to track their delivery or receive status updates via push notifications or email.  

By downloading the Dropit app, shoppers are able to see which shops offer the service, as well as the location of street-side Dropit kiosks where bags can be left before being delivered the same day or the following evening. Purchases can also be left in-store, with shoppers asked to set up a profile via the app or on the store’s Dropit device. As a user’s profile is built in the Dropit app and their spending habits are tracked from store to store, retailers are given a unique opportunity to gain the same level of knowledge about offline consumers as they would from online purchases. 

Following a successful pilot on Regent Street last year, Dropit is now being introduced across London’s West End, with participating stores including Liberty, GAP, Lacoste and River Island. 

When it comes to giving the high street a new lease of life, Dropit certainly looks like delivering the goods. 

Adam Pescod
Adam Pescod

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