Millions of investors believe it’s crucial SMEs have global ambitions

Thanks to Brexit, stretching your company's legs abroad is a must if you want to attract the eyes of many investors

Millions of investors believe it’s crucial SMEs have global ambitions

Since the EU referendum, the prospect of venturing off the British Isles has become increasingly attractive for SMEs. Now, new research shows the wind blows in the same direction for millions of investors prioritising the international scalability of companies.

Across a survey body of 1,206 investors, the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA), the early-stage investment organisation, deduced 4.2 million countrywide are encouraged to invest in globally-scalable companies because of Brexit taking place. Moreover, 15% admitted worldwide ambitions from SMEs are important when considering putting money into them, with 11% seeing universally-dynamic IP or infrastructure on their checklist.

When breaking the global game down by age, millennial investors are even more eager to take over the world. 47% of 18-34 year-olds are likely to invest in businesses with worldwide potential due to the UK’s EU separation, while 41% seek global outlooks from SMEs and 36% see worldwide-scalable IP or infrastructure as a priority.

Equally important to investors is experience, as 4.2 million overall also view a lead angel with scores of past funding as crucial to their investment decisions. And given 13 million investors target drones in 2018 – making it the most popular new-age innovation – Britain’s booming tech industry is another huge magnet.

Commenting on the research Jenny Tooth, CEO of the UKBAA, said: “The research reflects the huge range of innovative technologies, products and services being developed here in the UK and demonstrates a strong capacity for scale and market disruption.”

With the Brexit deadline less than a year away, the time to shift focus and attract these hungry investors is now. With the popularity of drones detailed in the study, we know one business that’s set for success, as the co-founder of bot-based delivery business Starship Technologies, Ahti Heinla, spoke to us earlier this month. “Pretty much everybody was focusing on developing drone deliveries,” he said. 

Angus Shaw
Angus Shaw

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