Simplicity, securely and swiftly

This is what Bottomline promise customers when they sign up for their revolutionary app Pay Direct.


This is what Bottomline promise customers when they sign up for their revolutionary app Pay Direct.

Pay Direct is taking the business world by storm. Launched by Bottomline Technologies in August of last year, this state-of-the-art app simplifies how business payments take place ‘ wherever you are in the world. Nowadays, it’s all about ‘simplicity’, ‘securely’ and ‘swiftly,’ with ever-evolving automation leading the way as high-tech companies race against each other to make the most of Open Banking.

For those not familiar with Open Banking, this is a secure platform that allows consumers to share financial information and authorise payments directly from their bank accounts. It is a worldwide phenomenon and is particularly prevalent in countries that embrace digital technology. 

And when Bottomline unveiled Pay Direct last year, it exploded onto the market, enjoying rave reviews. Thanks to the advent of Open Banking, regulated third parties, such as Bottomline, can now develop financial applications and services for their clients.  

So what does this mean for their customers? It allows them to sleep safe knowing that all of their business payments are taking place securely, swiftly and without too much fuss. The Pay Direct app gives consumers control over who they allow access to their financial information and how they process their funds. 

Bottomline‘s managing director of Europe, Nigel Savory, explains: Pay Direct adds faster and cheaper settlement options for businesses. It also creates streamlined customer experiences for those making direct digital payments between their banks and the businesses they buy from. Effectively, we’re delivering the promise of Open Banking and its winning propositions for both the merchants trading online and their customers.

Thanks to Bottomline, the way companies and financial institutions execute business payments have changed forever. Savory added: We have an abundance of digital talent here at Bottomline, and their combined expertise has helped to develop this wonderful new app, which provides an alternative payment method for online purchases

Our superb new software allows online businesses to receive funds directly from the payer’s bank account. It’s an attractive alternative for those looking to reduce card fees while also benefiting from a quicker settlement. It’s more efficient, cost-effective and therefore ‘win-win’ all round.

Bottomline is already connected with most banks across the UK and David Beardmore ‘ an Ecosystem Development Director with Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) ‘ was full of praise for this new app. Beardmore said: It’s encouraging to see we have companies like Bottomline in our thriving ecosystem. These are companies who are leveraging Open Banking technology to deliver greater value and improved choice.

This article comes courtesy from BottomlineWith headquarters in New Hampshire, they have offices across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Among the thousands of companies that utilise their services are multi-national corporations and banks. Thanks to their app Pay Direct, it is now easier and quicker for payments to be made. With more than 600,000 companies clicking into Bottomline’s state-of-the-art technology, customers benefit from solutions that offer automated cash management, payment workflows and fraud detection. Bottomline has 25 offices around the world, employing over 2,000 people. More than 1,200 banks and financial institutions make use of their ever-evolving digital technology.


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