London foodtech startup Mothive chosen for Maersk and Rockstart’s new programme

UK startup supplying a decision support platform to fresh produce farmers is among ten food and farming startups selected for FoodTrack, a global food technology programme

London foodtech startup Mothive chosen for Maersk and Rockstart’s new programme

It’s of no secret that food waste globally has escalated massively over the last few years. So much so that one-third of the global food production for human consumption is wasted, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations.

Given the scale of the issue, it’s encouraging that many UK startups are actively using technology to reduce waste. One of these companies is Mothive, a startup assisting farmers with real-time agro-environmental data, which has just got a huge push by being one of ten companies chosen to be a part of the FoodTrack initiative.

The startup accelerator programme is a collaboration between Maersk, an end-to-end food transportation and logistics company, and Rockstart, the startup accelerator. Its aim is to support startups that combat food shortages around the world.

Chosen among 310 applications from around the globe, Mothive and the nine other startups will spend one month in Maersk’s main offices in Copenhagen. This time will be used the opportunity to draw insights and inspiration from a network experts both from inside and outside the organisation.

The programme ends on Friday July 6 with the startups pitching for funding from Maersk Growth, Maersk’s venture arm and the chance to collaborate with Maersk in the future.

Mothive will join an impressive list of international startups selected to take part in the programme. For instance, the other startups chosen for the programme included Nigeria-based Cold Hubs, a startup developing solar-powered cold storage solutions; KrishiHub, a startup from India that have created a two-sided platform that bridges the gap between small-holder farmers and domestic food enterprises; Saillog, an Israeli food startup leveraging artificial intelligence to identify crop diseases; and ListenField, the Japanese startup using IoT services to improve farm management.

Commenting on the project, Mark Durno, agrifood program director at Rockstart, said: “The cohort reflects that tackling food loss is a global challenge, which must be addressed at multiple stages in the food system.”

Technology controls the production of food from the fields all the way until it reaches our forks. Time will tell whether other food tech companies will be motivated to inculcate these fruitful values and be a part of the FoodTrack next year.

Varsha Saraogi
Varsha Saraogi

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