Government site makes it even easier for SMEs to access finance

New ‘Business is GREAT Britain’ website now makes it even easier for SMEs and startups to get access to key information

Government site makes it even easier for SMEs to access finance

Apart from a cocktail on a sunny beach or a binge on Grumpy Cat memes, there is nothing we love more here at Elite Business than when someone makes our job that little bit easier. So we were pleased as punch to hear about the new Business is GREAT Britain website that acts as a one-stop shop for small businesses, offering support and advice on a range of topics to SMEs.

The aim of the Business is GREAT Britain campaign is to build confidence amongst small businesses by showcasing inspirational examples of similar sized businesses. The campaign has three key elements, Inspire, Hire and Support, which encourage businesses to take a look at the bigger picture, take on fresh talent and consider new markets.

The redesigned site is aimed at businesses in all stages of growth and gives tips that could be key for entrepreneurs to take the next step. From information on how to access government finance and selling overseas to more practical advice regarding hiring staff and taking on apprentices, the site makes essential reading.

“One million people have visited our GREAT Business website since it was launched. Now the redesigned site is easier to use and businesses can quickly find the help that is relevant to them under three themes; export, advice and finance,” said Matthew Hancock, the former skills and enterprise minister.

“We are committed to making the government’s business support system as easy to navigate as possible so that small businesses have the right environment to thrive,” he continued.

One startup that benefitted from the Business is GREAT Britain site is Tangle Teezer. Its founder, Shaun Pulfrey, stated how it was difficult to find the support available when starting his company. “It’s great that we, and other small businesses, can now get everything we need in one place,” he said.

This reinvigorated site, along with the Small Business Bill, shows how serious the government is about giving SMEs all the support they need. 

James Dyble
James Dyble

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