General Election 2015: over 5,000 small businesses back Conservatives in open letter

With less than two weeks to decide the nation’s future, small business representatives have come forward to pledge their support for the Conservatives

General Election 2015: over 5

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As the party leaders battle it out to win over Britain’s voters in the most unpredictable general election of our time, the Tories have been given a boost in the form of a letter printed by the Daily Telegraph and signed by 5,025 small businesses.

The letter called on voters to give the Conservatives the “chance to finish what they started” and continue to keep the UK “open for business.” The small businesses, which collectively employ 100,000 people nationwide, stated that the Tories have enabled business growth by lowering taxes, minimising red tape, simplifying employment law, as well as encouraging more banks to lend. David Cameron welcomed the endorsement, which hit the headlines as he formally launched the Conservatives’ small business manifesto. 

Business leaders have reacted warmly to the £10bn of red tape that has been cut by the Conservative-led government since 2010. Business rates have also been lowered and the Employment Allowance, introduced last year, has eased the cost of employment for SMEs. 

“We work hard, make sacrifices and invest our own money to help our businesses grow and succeed. It was tough during the recession, but we kept going,” the letter read. 

“This Conservative-led Government has been genuinely committed to making sure Britain is open for business. They’ve managed to get the economy moving again by tackling the deficit, helping to keep interest rates low and inflation down. A change now would be far too risky and would undo all the good work of the last five years.”

Delivering the Conservative Manifesto earlier today, Cameron called the small business community “the backbone of our economy,” and vowed to create 600,000 new firms every year by 2020. The Prime Minister has vowed to stand up “for the small business that works round the clock to build something, employ people and make a success.”

When one considers how many small businesses there are in the UK, the signatories of this letter are a mere drop in the ocean. As such, it remains to be seen whether it will bring the desired result for the Conservatives come next Thursday. 

Jade Saunders
Jade Saunders

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