Female members-only club AllBright to open in LA following £9m investment

With backing to the sum of £9m, AllBright is spreading its wings beyond UK shores with plans to build a presence globally and Los Angeles is the first destination on the roadmap

Female members-only club AllBright to open in LA following £9m investment

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Tinseltown may have a reputation for being the home of A-list film stars and musicians but it will soon have a name as a hub for female entrepreneurs if AllBright has its way.

The female-centric business community, which comprises a training academy, funding arm, events and members-only clubs, has secured a £9m investment. The money will be used on AllBright’s global plans, starting off with the launch of a new club in Los Angeles in 2019, which will build on an existing London venue and a second that’s set to open in Mayfair next year.

Cain International, the property firm that supported The AllBright club opening, led the round while Darren Throop, CEO of Entertainment One, and Robert Swannell, ex-chairman of Marks and  Spencer, also contributed alongside a group of AllBright members. Cain’s presence in the US will be leveraged to ensure the business hits the ground running.

In addition to the international agenda, former Asda CEO Allan Leighton has been named AllBright chairman. He enters the women-led enterprise with experience from senior roles with Dyson, BSkyB, Selfridges and lastminute.com. The new chairman declared AllBright founders Debbie Wosskow and Anna Jones are “outstanding operators” who have developed “a standout brand.”

Commenting on the announcement, Debbie Wosskow, co-founder of AllBright, said: “AllBright is all about championing and celebrating women in the workplace. It has never been anti-men. We have men working across the business. For us, the appointment of chair was not about gender but about securing the right person with the credentials and experience we need. That’s why we chose Allan – we wanted someone with a different but complementary background to ours.”

Adding some thoughts on why he continues to back AllBright, Jonathan Goldstein, CEO of Cain International, said: “We believe in AllBright and since Cain International’s initial investment in 2017, we have watched with pride as the company has grown, delivering on its own long-term growth strategy and providing a supportive space for working women to achieve their goals.”

It’s been busy summer for the female support network, which sealed a partnership with Facebook in July. It seems clear as day that, with the continued empowerment of women and creative thinking through networks like these, the future of the business is AllBright. 

Zen Terrelonge
Zen Terrelonge

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