EB100 Assets

You can now download the Elite Business 100 logos and a range of web banners and social media posts.

Please go to your specific section (TOP 75; TOP50; TOP25; TOP15; TOP10; TOP5; NUMBER1; FINALIST(TOP100) to download individual assets. If you need any assistance please email: [email protected]

Generic/Partner Assets

EB100 GENERIC logos [download]
EB100 GENERIC web banners [download]
EB100 GENERIC social posts [download]

Number 1 Assets

EB100 Number 1 logos [download]
EB100 Number 1 web banners [download]
EB100 Number 1 social posts [download]

Number 2 Assets

EB100 Number 2 logos [download]
EB100 Number 2 web banners [download]
EB100 Number 2 social posts [download]

Number 3 Assets

EB100 Number 3 logos [download]
EB100 Number 3 web banners [download]
EB100 Number 3 social posts [download]

TOP 5 Assets

EB100 TOP5 logos [download]
EB100 TOP5 web banners [download]
EB100 TOP5 social posts [download]

TOP 10 Assets

EB100 TOP10 logos [download]
EB100 TOP10 web banners [download]
EB100 TOP10 social posts [download]

TOP 15 Assets

EB100 TOP15 logos [download]
EB100 TOP15 web banners [download]
EB100 TOP15 social posts [download]

TOP 25 Assets

EB100 TOP25 logos [download]
EB100 TOP25 web banners [download]
EB100 TOP25 social posts [download]

TOP 50 Assets

EB100 TOP50 logos [download]
EB100 TOP50 web banners [download]
EB100 TOP50 social posts [download]

TOP 75 Assets

EB100 TOP75 logos [download]
EB100 TOP75 web banners [download]
EB100 TOP75 social posts [download]


EB100 FINALIST logos [download]
EB100 FINALIST web banners [download]
EB100 FINALIST social posts [download]

Social Posts

Join in the conversation on social using the hashtag #EB100 or feel free to use some of our examples below. You can download
supporting graphics by going to your specific section above ie; TOP 75; TOP50; TOP25; TOP15; TOP10; TOP5; NUMBER1; FINALIST (TOP100).

					Celebrated as one of the top performing SME Businesses in the UK, we’re pleased to announce that we are a finalist in the #EB100. @companyhandle has been named one of the top 100 SME businesses in the UK #EB100.
					We’re excited to announce that we’ve made it on the prestigious #EB100 list. Check it out here: XXXXX
					@companyhandle is featured in the #EB100 Top UK SMEs. View the list here: XXXXX.
					Proud to announce that @companyhandle has been named one of the Top 100 UK SMEs. #EB100.

PR Support and winner announcements

Working with MOJA we’ve put together some useful advice and copy that you can use to announce your big win by featuring in the Awards this year.

Please click on the links below for access:

PR Template – Help guide for securing coverage [download]
PR Template [download]

Additional Assets: Exhibition Stands

As a finalist we offer preferential rates to our winners through printing.com. We can create bespoke designs for you £FOC to your needs and we have a huge range to choose from. Click here for more information.

Curved fabric backdrop – cost is £334 + VAT
Axe Fabric Stand – cost is £239 + VAT
Blurb Roller banner stand – cost is £79 + VAT
15 x copies of the EB100 2024 Guide – cost is £50 + VAT including posting & packaging

Contact: 0345 299 3691[email protected]