Activity: Social Media
Region: London
Founded: 2021


One in four social media profiles are fake – bots or ‘sock puppet’ accounts This enables consequence-free online abuse, creating anger, sadness and potential mental health issues for users.

The algorithms of big social networks prioritise negative content over inspiring content. Extreme voices drown out more moderate users. In this polarised digital world, positive, helpful content can get lost.

Charities find it hard to engage with Gen Z and early Millennial audiences. Amidst the online ‘noise’, targeting young people who want to make a difference can prove difficult. Meanwhile, Gen Zs are looking for a slicker, frictionless and more social way to get involved with volunteering and giving.

Wunder is the world’s first fully verified social media platform where the audience makes a positive impact to the world, just by being on the app.

Our mission is to harness the planet’s creativity to entertain and inspire, while giving 50% of our advertising revenue back to users – so they can gift it to good causes, create events & projects, or to other users who are making a difference.