Activity: Accounting, Acquisitions
Region: Cambridgeshire
Founded: 2020

Wilkinson Accounting Solutions

Wilkinson Accounting Solutions is an accountancy and consultancy firm, offering virtual finance and CFO services. We specialise in working with business acquisitions, or growing firms who are looking to build their exit plans. Our mission is to help ambitious owners grow with confidence, credibility and calculated risk backed by clear strategies. 

We have a full range of qualified finance staff including bookkeepers, tax director, finance managers and CFO’s, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of accounting and advisory services, tailored to our client’s requirements and industry. 

Our services include

Acquisition CFO’s – We work as strategic partners alongside buyers who are looking to grow by acquisitions. Our bundles include:-

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Valuations
  • Cashflow planning for funding, 
  • Entity and tax structures, 
  • Operational due diligence
  • Post-acquisition consultancy working alongside in house management teams

Business Exit Plans – We support ambitious owners who are looking to build an exit strategy, including

  • Full business analysis on governance and controls required to set a business ready for exit
  • Forecasting and cashflow analysis to build growth plans
  • Bookkeeping and finance support to streamline and simplify processes
  • Advice on the steps required to increase valuation on exit
  • Build and report on key KPI’s

Virtual finance and CFO 

We provide you with the analysis and insights that you need as an entrepreneur to grow profitably rather than just churn out P&L and Balance Sheets. We offer our clients a full team of skilled finance professionals, that can support with the day to day alongside our strategic support.