Activity: Animal Talent Agency
Region: Merseyside
Founded: 2015

Urban Paws

Urban Paws UK (UPUK) has supplied animals for every household name you can think of: John Lewis, RSPCA and Aldi, to name a few. With animals in West End shows, Rihanna videos, and ‘walking’ for Stella McCartney and Gucci, it is the go-to agency for brands wanting to add anything from cats to camels to campaigns. And when 101 Dalmatians were needed to walk the red carpet in Leicester Square, UPUK sourced them too! 

Despite being told repeatedly her idea wouldn’t work outside London, Layla Flaherty set up the Liverpool agency in 2015 to meet the need for animals within film and advertising. Her mission was to ensure: 

  • animals were treated ethically 
  • owners were paid fairly 
  • clients had the best selection of talent to choose from. 

UPUK quickly defied the odds to become the first agency to provide all types of animals, including those with physical deformities, and the first to use pet influencers commanding five-figure sums! 

Now with 8,000+ animals on its books – hedgehogs, snakes and alpacas included – and an expansion to Urban Paws Ireland, if you want a flamingo, they’ll get you a flamingo! 

But regardless of the glamour, UPUK never forgets its core values: safety and welfare of the animals above everything else. 

As one of its many 5-star Google Reviews say: ‘WOW! WOW! WOW!’