Activity: Recruitment, Technology
Region: London
Founded: 2021


UMATR is a technology recruitment company that has been rapidly growing since being founded. Their mission is to guide businesses with their hiring plans in a post-covid world, by supporting them to attract Software Engineers across 24 countries. Their client base already includes notable companies such as ITV, Sky, eBay, Ticketmaster, Bridgewater, Clearscore, and Crunchbase. 31% of the people they have supported have been from underrepresented backgrounds, which is a reflection of their commitment to diversity and inclusion. Led by New Entrepreneur of the Year, Mitchell Franklin, UMATR was born out of the desire of putting people back at the centre, not only for their clients and candidates, but for their own team as well.

The company is relationship-led and value-driven, which is evident in the team’s efforts to travel the world meeting clients, sponsoring conferences, and co-hosting events. From New York to Krakow, from Toronto to Paris. They have even recently expanded internationally by launching their second office in Dubai in less than two years since founding.

The team have no plans to slow down, with an ambitious end goal of building their own technology that will remove unconscious bias and streamline hiring processes. Mitchell’s personal goal is to solve homelessness within the UK.