Tiwani Heritage
Activity: Beauty
Region: London
Founded: 2020

Tiwani Heritage

For many years, we as consumers have thrown our used synthetic hair extensions away with general household waste, where it ends up in landfill along with many other single-use plastics, and takes as long as 500 years to biodegrade. Black and mixed-race women, as a large segment of the population using synthetic hair extensions, are unknowingly contributing to this growing issue at an alarming rate.

We are a beauty brand with a difference; our reward-based recycling scheme enables customers to send their used synthetic hair back us for correct disposal, helping to reduce the estimated 21,000 tonnes of hair extensions that end up in UK landfills every year. We are the only UK hair extensions brand to offer this scheme.

We are about take our sustainability efforts to the next level with the launch of two new collections. Our plant-based range is harvested as a by-product of fruit farming. This incredibly versatile, reusable, plastic-free fibre will be the first of its kind available as hair extensions in the UK and a truly sustainable alternative to plastic synthetic hair. At the end of its useable life, customers can simply dispose of the hair alongside their food waste. We are also in the very early stages of developing a bio-synthetic collection as an alternative to plastic synthetic hair, to further lessen the landfill issue.

We welcome you to join our revolution and help us to challenge the habits of a lifetime for the greater good!