Activity: Food & Drink, Mobile Catering
Region: London & South East
Founded: 2016

Pizza Post

The Pizza Post LTD was started by Harry and Charlie Meer-Sipkoski in 2020 mid covid. It started off with 2 pizza vans and has now expanded to 9 pizza vans with a new hub opening in the midlands with an additional 2 pizza vans. The Pizza Post encompasses Italian style pizzas cooked in wood fired oven imported from Naples. Although many would not mix fmailt and business, this actually had proven very successful and is now a motto amongst staff who join The Pizza Post. The staff who work for The Pizza Post are treated as a family. 

The company has now catered for over 2500 events and over 500 weddings. The Pizza Post has been lucky enough to have catered for many celebrities and high end brands. We take this as a pride of trust granted for the hard work we all have put in. Amongst all the hard work we have many customers re using us month after month. 

The Pizza Post is expanding naturally to the midlands and also in the last year has created new food vans now offering 2 gourmet burger vans bringing more variety to your events. 

We are able to cater for all guests and have made that possible so no guest goes without food. The Pizza Post will always go above and beyond for its customers because we now have important a party, wedding or event may be.