Activity: Digital Marketing
Region: Herefordshire
Founded: 2010

The DM Lab

The DM Lab, (The Digital Marketing Laboratory) is a design and digital marketing agency. However, we are so much more than that. With a heavy focus on supporting businesses around us to succeed by delivering results in these increasingly difficult times. With client success comes business success.

With this success we immerse ourselves into the local community, supporting those without the financial reach to hire us as a company. Leading by example, we help develop grassroots clubs, charities and events as part of an active corporate social responsibility drive.

This is pursued by the directors’ personal passion for everything local over financial gain. Role models for both staff and other businesses, ensuring wellbeing in the workplace and sustainability are reflected and encouraged throughout the business from top level directors to junior staff and apprentices. Lending our expertise to a higher education organisation and veterans, helping a wide range of people.

The DM Lab are strong advocates of corporate responsibility and are committed to supporting the local community. Although only a micro business themselves, they are heavily involved with a number of community endeavours. They help businesses grow and are in a strong position to offer their expertise within the community by supporting local sports clubs, events and organisations. Inspiring those around them to take action themselves and collaborate to help build relationships, develop projects, support visions, strengthen the community and work toward a brighter future together for all involved.