Activity: Language Services, Translation
Region: Berkshire
Founded: 2006


Our vision is to change the world for deaf people.

We have a mission that by 2025 we will have positively impacted 1 million deaf people’s lives.

We do this by revamping the everyday deaf employee and deaf customer experience provided by the biggest UK and global brands.

As a multi-award-winning business, terptree is full of deeply passionate people who care about creating social change and educating and empowering deaf and hearing people.

terptree was founded by Victoria Williams after she found herself frustrated with the lack of ethically-run interpreting agencies; our ambitions have grown substantially since starting out as a provider of Sign Language Interpreting Services.

 Today, terptree provides an array of services as part of our mission to create an inclusive world for deaf people.

Deaf Customer Experience: 
Deaf people are massively underserved by most businesses, retailers, and organisations. Our mission is to change this by working with businesses to establish a world class experience for deaf customers.

Deaf Employee Experience: We understand what makes a deaf employee happy and content in their role and provide catered guidance to businesses wishing to improve the working environment for deaf and hard-of-hearing employees.

Deaf Student Experience: We specialise in education and have been providing support to deaf students at University for over 10 years.

Deaf Awareness Training: Using our expertise and knowledge we identify the required learning outcomes for your team(s).

BSL Interpreting: We have been providing BSL Interpreting services across the UK since 2006 across a range of sectors.