Sweet Lounge Group
Activity: Food & Drink, Confectionery
Region: Northamptonshire
Founded: 2019

Sweet Lounge Group

We’re on a mission to create the best tasting vegan sweets without any nonsense! Without artificial ingredients, without compromise on taste or texture and without the single-use packaging. Our delicious gummies are the perfect guilt-free treat, better for the environment and better for you. The sale of each packet goes towards planting and conserving trees in the Amazon Rainforest, where communities are working tirelessly to restore the beautiful landscapes that have been destroyed and neglected. Our pouches also degrade into the earth without leaving a trace behind and without leaving any chemicals to damage the soil that we all rely on for life on our precious Earth.

Our brightly coloured brand and packaging reflects optimism in life, to live more boldly and to just be our awesome-self. Because life is beautiful and we should make the most of it.

Our founder is passionate about supporting female roles and creating a female-led team within the company. 

Sweet Lounge also aims to be Certified Carbon Neutral by 2025 or earlier.