Activity: Food & Drink
Region: London
Founded: 2022


Snap, Crackle and Jacked – SURREAL give your favourite cereals a healthy reboot 

New cereal company SURREAL have taken the breakfast cereals you loved as a kid, and given them a healthy, modern overhaul.

The classic childhood cereals have always tasted great, but are packed with sugary junk and empty carbs – meaning most adults try to resist them. 

That’s where new cereal company SURREAL comes in. They’ve recreated the tastes of childhood cereals, but without all the junk. Instead of packing their products with sugary carbs, they’ve made high protein, zero sugar recipes – that taste just like the cereals you remember as a kid.

Coming in four flavours – Frosted, Cocoa, Cinnamon and Peanut Butter – each bowl has 12-13 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar, making them one of the most nutritious cereals out there.

All their recipes are plant-based and gluten free, meaning they’re suitable for all sorts of diets. 

Co-founder Kit Gammell said: “We wanted to combine the energy and personality of childhood cereal with some grown up nutrition. Why can’t fun and healthy go together?”

Despite launching less than 12 months ago, Surreal have already made a big splash with a viral billboard campaign mocking their more famous friends at Kellogg’s. The campaign featured lines like “Don’t Tell Tony” and “Coco’s Got Competition”.

After initially just launching on their website, Surreal is now available in Holland & Barrett, Booths, Amazon, and Selfridges too – and with more retailers to come soon.

Now, who wants to watch some cartoons?