Activity: Marketing, Digital Marketing
Region: Kent
Founded: 2020


For too long businesses have put themselves at the centre of their marketing – but in reality people aren’t interested in what organisations have to say. They’re interested in what is relevant to their own survival and ability to thrive. 

STORY22 turns marketing on its head and focuses on the customer’s story to win business more effectively and cost efficiently for our clients. 

Why story? Studies prove information delivered in story form is 22 times more likely to be remembered than when delivered as facts alone (hence STORY22).  That’s why we use a proven storytelling framework to help organisations be crystal clear about the problem they solve and the value they offer so customers are more compelled to take action. 

Our founders are highly qualified strategic marketers, and our team approaches every aspect of our clients’ marketing, from websites and social media to lead generation, email marketing, blogs, SEO and advertising through the powerful lens of the customer’s story. That way what you have to say is always relevant to the people you want to reach and much more likely to convert interested prospects into paying customers.

STORY22 serves clients around the world across a wide variety of industries, through strategy, marketing, coaching, and workshops and offers free 30-minute introductory strategy sessions.