Activity: Information Technology, Defence
Region: Berkshire
Founded: 2014


SecureCloud+ is a trusted service delivery partner within the defence industry, as well as the public sector. We are a rapidly growing SME with a proven reputation for the efficient, successful delivery of secure information technology solutions at all government security classifications. 

Our customers in defence and the public sector require secure collaboration and communication services that give them access to secure networks, resources and applications. At SecureCloud+, we embrace the growing and
 fluctuating changes and demands that digital transformation and technology bring, and deliver these innovative solutions as end-to-end managed services. 

For over 8 years, SecureCloud+ have been delivering to the MOD and defence contractors, utilising subject matter expertise and a consistent record of achieving accreditations to solve customer challenges. SecureCloud+ bring the tools, techniques and technology that are enabling digital transformation across the globe to the secure Defence and Government sector. That ranges from being able to communicate securely –with voice calls and video conferences – through to using
 applications that are increasingly engineered to be cloud native, and therefore difficult to bring into a highly secure air gapped environment.  

The company was founded by Peter Williamson, who identified the need to support digital transformation, with a more agile approach within the MOD sector. Historically known for its slow adoption of technology and ability to change, with outdated modes of operation in sharing information, impacting the ability to support rapid decision making – often critical within the Defence sector.