rogers mchugh
Activity: Recruitment, Business Support, Construction, Facilities Management
Region: Cheshire
Founded: 2020

Rogers McHugh Recruitment

Rogers McHugh Recruitment are a specialist Construction and Facilities Management agency with offices in Manchester, York and Birmingham.

Having formed in 2020 we have grown at a good rate and we are driven to be one of the very best recruitment agencies in the UK with a reputation for an honest, transparent approach that is regarded very highly by its clients and candidates.

We wanted to set up a business that worked for it’s employees, clients, candidates and the local and national communities.

Our vision was to set up a business that provided opportunities for its employees and where people enjoyed working.

A true partner for our clients that was valued and secured repeat business that our hard work deserves.

But we wanted to be an altruistic organisation as well. A company that worked hard for the local and national communities, gave back and as well as being a commercially profitable enterprise so that we can provide good for the communities we work in.

Whilst recruitment has been around for many decades and the principle remains the same we also wanted to embrace new technologies to make the process more seamless for candidates and clients and speed the process up.