Activity: Lifestyle, Consumer, Entertainment, Music, Talent
Region: Buckinghamshire
Founded: 2015

Rochelle White Agency

Rochelle White Agency is a digital first multichannel marketing and PR agency. Connecting and placing brands at the heart of youth street culture that reaches, engages and talks to Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

We know that youth street culture continues to be a global influence that drives and impacts trends across many sectors. Using cultural intelligence, innovation and creativity we get brands in the heads, hearts and mouths of youth street culture.

How do we do this, simplify by uniting brands digitally with culture and sub-cultures through creative communications, social media and content creator campaigns. We have the knowledge of a “traditional press office” but focus on digital first and foremost.

We create demand, increase search and build brands for longevity across generations.

We know and understand; Who they’re influenced by (when it comes to culture relevance), who they’re watching and where and who they’re listening to when it comes to content creators and music artists. Bring all of this together that gets people talking and searching for you.

We’re all about creating, developing and delivering creative digital marketing strategies that are bespoke to your brand. We bring together and combine data, insight, creativity, forward thinking and innovating ideas that amplify your message.