Activity: Sports, Education
Region: Essex
Founded: 2019

Player Path

Player Path is a UK-based US college soccer recruiting agency with a 100% success rate in getting our players accepted onto soccer scholarships in America. 

With 99% of college coaches in the US on our online database looking for the best new talent, we provide the best platform for our clients when being recruited. To help highlight all your skills and expertise our team will edit together a highlight reel for you that will show off your strengths and talents as well as build an online profile containing grades, references and eligibility status. We’ll then promote this to our connections in the states. 

Not only have we successfully placed a lot of talented young players in the US, but our staff have been through the process in their own careers and played for colleges in Los Angeles & wider California. Our staff have completed very successful college careers in the US on soccer scholarships. Between us we are All-American, All-State, All-Region, and All-Conference award-winning players and are ranked amongst the best in the nation. With first-hand experience of the industry, along with our insider knowledge, reputation, and college connections we’re here to provide an opportunity of a lifetime to talented student athletes looking to take on the US college scholarship route.