Activity: Retail, Audio
Region: Gloucestershire
Founded: 2005

Pinknoise Systems

Pinknoise Systems Ltd pride themselves on top quality customer service, a good quality e-commerce website, healthy stockholding, and easy returns. Founded in 2005 by John McCombie, Pinknoise opened their European HQ in Dublin in 2021, allowing them to continue to supply the highest quality brands to the European television and film industries.

For Pinknoise, it’s all about the customer journey. Having a usable, aesthetically pleasing and good quality website, with no barriers, makes that journey more pleasurable for their customers. Then, it’s all about customer care along the way, whether that’s initial advice from their sales team or the service a customer receives when they have an issue.

Pinknoise continues to adapt and grow in a market of stock shortages, as well as the pandemic and Brexit. None of this can happen without a strong team, which is why Pinknoise invests so heavily in its people through training and development.