Activity: Agriculture Technology
Region: London
Founded: 2020


Pastoral is digital regenerative farming software that helps dairy and livestock farmers manage and optimize their farming operations, reduce their carbon footprint, and increase profitability. The software provides farmers with the intelligence and tools to track livestock and dairy animals in real-time while automatically monitoring the animals’ health. Additionally, Pastoral allows farmers to introduce sustainable, regenerative farming methods that enable farmers to collect valuable Carbon Credits and generate Carbon Reporting data, often required to bid on new contracts with net-zero focused grocery chains and restaurants.

Pastoral’s easy-to-use technology works in all low-connectivity areas of the UK. It uses satellite data and self-charging, solar-powered animal GPS sensors to collect animal information.

Designed and engineered in partnership with the United Nations, Pastoral is accessible to farmers of all income levels but rugged enough to work anywhere, making it an ideal solution for farmers in lower-income communities across the UK who struggle to introduce technology to their farms due to the significant upfront capital costs.

The UK is already one of the world’s leading agricultural producers, known for its high-quality and ethical production methods. Pastoral further supports these farmers and provides them with a new powerful tool for increasing their farms’ efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

Pastoral: We turn livestock farmers into Carbon Farmers.