OK Positive
Activity: Health, Technology
Region: Edinburgh
Founded: 2019

OK Positive

OK Positive utilises machine learning and AI to identify and pre-empt triggers that can cause Mental Health issues enabling early intervention for individuals and organisations.

  • Mental Health platform for all employees/users
  • Discounted therapy sessions per employee or user/year
  • Communications channel to support employees/users
  • Real time-analytics and dashboard to create and evaluate interventions taken to support employees/users

OK Positive provides quantitative and qualitative insight into the below areas:

  1. Employee engagement
  2. Overall mood/satisfaction rating of the organisation
  3. Real-time employee feedback
  4. Process/organisation improvement
  5. Wellbeing strategy efficiency

This allows organisations to be able to IDENTIFY issues, COMMUNICATE and ENGAGE employees on preventative initiatives and EVALUATE their efficacy on a real-time basis.