Activity: Lifestyle, Food & Drink, Retail
Region: West Midlands
Founded: 2020


Birmingham based Nourished has developed patented 3D printing technology to create the world’s first truly personalised nutrient gummy. Consumers can complete a short lifestyle quiz at, where a science backed algorithm makes a recommendation of 7 vitamins, superfoods and nutrients best suited to the user’s lifestyle and goals.

This selection is then 3D printed using a vegan gummy encapsulation formula and made on demand to ensure optimum efficacy. The bespoke blend of high-impact active ingredients is packaged in 100% plastic free packaging and dispatched directly to the customer’s door with less waste, hassle and cost than purchasing all of the vitamins separately.

Nourished also offer a wide range of ‘Life Stacks’ for customers who don’t wish to make a personalised product, and who would rather choose a pre-established set of ingredients specially formulated for certain lifestyles and goals such as ‘Pre-natal’ for pregnant women and ‘High Flyer’ for busy professionals. 

Nourished is positioned to disrupt the health and wellness sector with the first ever truly optimised use of additive manufacturing for the masses. With the dynamic and flexible nature of the tech – Nourished are able to adapt to consumer demand in real time compared to the traditional competitor NPD cycles of over 18 months. Nourished can add new active ingredients to their offering in a couple of days and can create a seemingly unlimited number of unique blended collaboration products which proactively serve the trends in the market.