Activity: Technology
Region: Bedfordshire
Founded: 2018


At MLabs, our vision is building a uniquely 100% remote, global blockchain consultancy focused on emerging technologies, focusing on areas of Software Engineering, AI, Dev-ops and FinTech. We want to provide leading-edge solutions for clients while embracing diverse teams and giving back to open-source communities.

New technologies like blockchain offer great promise, and as an early mover, you intend to deliver. A software engineering consultancy specializing in Haskell and Rust, MLabs has successfully assisted numerous teams like yours to develop diverse products, many first of their kind to market.

Startups often lack clear launch strategies. Others have promising product ideas with no ability to execute. MLabs can fill in where needed, reducing both time to launch and overall development cost. With complete DevOps solutions and tailored offerings available, our services are flexible and comprehensive.

  • Design initialization
  • Prepare technical documentation and roadmaps
  • Staff augmentation
  • Project management
  • DevOps (Nix, blockchain, frontend, etc.)