Activity: Financial Services
Region: Kent
Founded: 2020


Mintago is a digital-only business that provides a truly unique and personal experience to users and clients. When using Mintago’s financial wellbeing platform, employees are able to take control of their pension & financial health. Employers are guided through the implementation of salary sacrifice pension in a hassle-free way. 

We are unbiased as a business model, which allows us to truly solve issues for every customer without the need to sell a particular product. As a complete financial wellbeing solution, we start by helping employees manage all of their past and current pensions in an unbiased way. Our pension hunter allows our users to easily locate and see all of their pensions in one place – already with millions of pounds of missing pensions found.

From there we also provide a whole suite of financial support from free financial advisers access, education, budgeting tools and guidance on how best to navigate through the cost of living crisis. We are seeing real progress and change from our customers.Mintago is a comprehensive platform that has the ability to forecast someone’s net wealth for their entire life by capturing their lifestyle choices. Mintago is on a mission to change the world of pensions and personal finance for both employers and employees and help them both live happier, financially healthier lives.