Activity: Education, Training & Development, Training Provider
Region: Liverpool
Founded: 2019

Loud Speaker

At Loud Speaker, we don’t just conduct workshops; we ignite passion. Our workshops are more than a learning experience; they’re a life-changing journey for young minds. Strategically timed at crucial points in a young person’s life, our workshops are a catalyst for aspiration and career-shaping.

Our unique curriculum focuses on public speaking, confidence building, voice impact, personal storytelling, teamwork, and leadership. These aren’t just skills; they’re tools for life. Through engaging activities, from large-scale icebreakers to the energy of disco anthems, we create an environment where friendships blossom and engagement soars.

For young people, the future is an exhilarating yet uncertain landscape. At Loud Speaker, we’re committed to equipping them with the confidence and clarity to navigate this terrain. Whether commanding a stage, acing an interview, or mastering personal interactions, our participants learn to express themselves authentically and powerfully.

Loud Speaker stands out not just as a business but as a beacon of change. We’re not just imparting skills; we’re sculpting the future. Our story is woven with passion, purpose, and impact. Our vision? To integrate our transformative approach into every educational setting across the UK, lighting the path for our younger generation.