Activity: Energy, Circular Economy, Renewables
Region: Hertfordshire
Founded: 2018


Lifesaver is on a mission to create fairer, cleaner, and circular power for people and planet.  With a relentless focus on driving our product in a traditionally unethical industry to make it more sustainable, we are here to shake up the $27bn power bank industry.

Working with large brands at the biggest festivals and events Lifesaver provides an immediate solution to a modern problem – the need for power on the go – in a sustainable, responsible way.  Our slim, lightweight batteries are sold or rented to users.  Pre-charged using renewable energy, we use a variety of sales points (vehicles, fixed points, human ‘roamers’, vending) to deliver mobile battery power to large scale audiences.  

Lifesaver has fairer customer service that answers queries in seconds and put customers first.  Our customers enjoy unlimited swaps for their power banks; faulty units are immediately exchanged at no cost to the end user and our unit’s modular design makes them easy to repair, reducing battery waste.  At the end of its useful life, our units are upcycled to make off-grid solar lights donated to areas with no electricity.  And the ability to connect with large audiences gives Lifesaver a powerful voice; our customer facing staff are pivotal in relaying our circular ethos.  

With sustainability at our core Lifesaver are certified B-Corp, and supporters of the Fair Cobalt Alliance, Ocean Plastics, Lifeline to the Frontline, and the World Land Trust.   

We’ve got the power to keep you going…in a sustainable way.

Power for Good.