Activity: Hospitality, Retail
Region: London
Founded: 2016


KeyNest makes it easy for anyone to securely store keys outside of their home, and exchange them with contractors, guests, friends or cleaners. KeyNest’s customers can use one of 4,000 of KeyNest Point locations, where keys can be securely stored and exchanged with authorised users.

KeyNest Points are usually newsagents, cafés and taxi offices, and automated lockers outside petrol stations, supermarkets and retail parks. Most locations are opened at the request of our clients and are specifically chosen because of their extended opening hours and proximity to clients’ properties.

Thanks to the majority of the stores being accessible 24/7, KeyNest’s clients can provide property access at any time of the day and night.

KeyNest created an immense change in property managers’ and real estate agents’ operational processes and made managing 100s, and sometimes 1000s of key exchanges in the organisation, a breeze.

Initially founded in 2016 as a key exchange and storage solution for individual Airbnb hosts, KeyNest has adapted to industry trends and has become an essential service for thousands of hosts, real estate agents, and anyone who needs to keep a spare key near home, just in case.