Activity: eCommerce, Fulfilment
Region: Northamptonshire
Founded: 2010

James and James Fulfilment

Founded in 2010, James and James are the world’s first digital-native fulfilment partner. With fulfilment centres across the world, we store, pick, pack, and ship customer orders anywhere in the world. With industry-leading client support and seamless technology solutions, we’re the perfect fit for growing eCommerce brands that are looking to grow more rapidly.

To enable a speedy and accurate fulfilment service, we have a custom-built inventory management platform, ControlPort, that provides our clients with in-depth inventory insights that allows them to make well-informed decisions on how to grow their business.

Built, managed, and maintained by us, our clients can use ControlPort to conduct forecasting, eliminate stockouts, cut wastage, improve inventory health, optimise storage costs, capitalise on fast-moving lines, and much, much more.

Our platform integrates with all eCommerce channels, including Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. Furthermore, ControlPort our tech team can build a bespoke solution to allow ControlPort to integrate with any custom platform.

James and James clients have access to a suite of additional services including custom packaging, assemblies, account management, technical support, networking events, eCommerce advice, and much more.