Activity: Logistics
Region: London
Founded: 1981

JAG UFS Intl Ltd

Since 1981 JAG UFS Group has been market leaders in the world of logistics offering complete logistics solutions.

A UK family run business, three generations of family have continued to drive the original core values at JAG UFS. We are extremely proud of the growth of JAG UFS, which can be attributed to the many dedicated people who have joined the team throughout the JAG UFS journey. We realise that our customers have a choice – they choose us to be their logistics partner. All our people believe in our philosophy that “customer is always king” and are committed to providing the very highest level of service. We have a great blend of youth and experience, which only bodes well for our future.

From our humbles beginnings, we now are very proud to have a total of 10 offices, covering the UK, China and USA. Along with carefully chosen partners across the globe, we have positioned ourselves perfectly to service any client, anywhere is the world.