TradeRiver is a non-bank online funding solution that finances trade and working capital both cross boarder and in the UK.

We provide UK based companies (‘Buyers’) with working capital with repayment terms of up to 120 days outside of any existing bank or financial facility you may already have in place.

TradeRiver pays the suppliers (‘Sellers’) upfront in their desired currency, providing you with an additional supplier finance solution, improving both cash flow and working capital. We provide clients with an unsecured line of credit that is based on past trading history and financial strength, with credit limits currently ranging from £100k-£3.5m.

Thanks to the 100% non-recourse nature of our transactions, you will be able to act as a cash buyer allowing you to negotiate preferential trading terms and often a reduction in rate.

We are involved in financing numerous UK companies and many of our existing clients manufacture and import a multitude of goods from around the globe.