The Business BoardRoom Limited

Delivering a unique blend of Inspired Coaching, Group Mentoring with tried & tested strategies for today's Independent Business Entrepreneurs.

The Business BoardRoom (BBR), a refreshingly new Interactive Monthly Mastermind Group which “Redefines Business Support” as we know it & the brainchild of CEO/Founder Sukhi Wahiwala.


Delivering a unique blend of inspired Coaching & Group Mentoring, with Tried & Tested Strategies for today’s new independent Business Entrepreneur.


Designed for Start-Up Entrepreneurs to learn the right business acumen to take their first steps to building a successful business, together with Established Businesses, looking to elevate themselves to the next level in Growth and Profit.  


BBR’s Core Focus is “Sustained Accountability with Proven Strategies” delivered by Sukhi himself, aided by his dedicated and Highly Skilled Team. Blending 121 & in person support,  enabling members to Identify, Unlock and Realise their true potential with other Like-Minded, Driven Individuals by working together at a highly Interactive level.  The feedback received regularly confirms “the value of a solution received at the exact time it’s needed, is unparalleled in creating exponential drive and results”.


BBR delivers Cutting Edge Knowledge, Technology, Marketing, Education, Strategies, Training and 121 Power Coaching within a monthly live Group Mastermind. Members commit to an annual program sharing current challenges they’re encountering both in business & personally.


In addition, as unexpected challenges arise, Members also receive an Accountability PowerCall with online cloud Task Monitoring, to maintain Business Growth & Plans.


BBR is designed as a “One Stop Program” enabling Members to Achieve their desired Goals in Life and Business with a Complete Assisted Roadmap.