The team at TextGoto understand text marketing and how to make your SMS campaign a success. 

Here at TextGoto we understand SMS has an unparalleled reach when compared to email or any other platform, boasting a 98% of all SMS is read within the first minute. That’s why we’re confident that you will love our platform and return to it again and again. We don’t tie you down to any contracts to use our system. That’s why we offer a Pay-as-you-go service where you only pay for what you use. And that’s why we don’t require any monthly minimums for your messages or usage.


We believe in transparency and simplicity. That’s why we stick to a simple pricing model with no complex tiers or tariffs. That’s why we price our product clearly and simply so you won’t get caught out with any hidden fees, as you only pay for what you use. 


We know that providing a stable SMS service that you can rely on for your business is the most important consideration. But we’re also aware that pricing is an essential factor when choosing your SMS provider, and that’s why we offer extremely competitive tariffs for your marketing needs. Visit us at www.TextGoto.com