Web Apps. Mobile Apps. All Apps. Ownership, attention to details, flawless execution and on time is what defines us! Have an idea?

Systango builds websites, web applications, Android and iOS apps from ground-up; maintains, extends and improve existing ones; re-builds existing ones using latest technologies for improved reliability & scalability. We work in Scala, RoR, Python, PHP, Java, iOS, Android & various JS Frameworks .

We have extensive experience in building applications and websites for diverse businesses and technology companies in different verticals such as gambling, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, finance / investment, artificial intelligence (non-robotic). 

Our clients are start ups, small to medium size firms trying to get their business online, who either are looking for technology partners to expand / speed up their current development initiative or for developing a minimum viable product to test the market.

Most of our systems are deployed and load balanced on Amazon & Google Cloud, Google App Engine, Heroku and has integration with Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon cart services. 
We follow Agile process and Test Driven Development with strong focus on delivery. No matter what gets missed from original requirement specs, the end product will meet the needs. This is where Systango adds value.