ReadSoft Ltd

A Cloud-based service that captures financial document data through any computer with an Internet connection and posts straight into your finance system.

ReadSoft Online is a proven route to realising the benefits of automated invoice processing, without the expense of large-scale IT implementations. This cloud-based service captures and extracts the information on supplier invoices and indexes it for accurate entry into your finance system. The solution includes built-in workflow for approving and routing invoices around the organisation.


By processing invoices in the cloud, your organisation is free from the costs of a server, software, and hardware maintenance and your staff are free from the error-prone work of entering invoice information manually. Invoices become available online for verification and approval within moments of arrival, you can even approve invoices on your mobile or tablet.


Invoices can be scanned, emailed or automatically uploaded straight to the cloud for processing, requiring minimal human interaction.


Getting ready to process an invoice requires nothing more than logging on to the cloud. The solution carefully reviews your pending invoice files and extracts key information including header and transactional line items.


There are integrations into most finance systems such as Sage, Xero, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, SAP, Oracle and many more, visit our website for more information.