People HR Software

People HR is a modern, web-based HR system, designed for ambitious HR professionals who want to help their company grow.

Helping ambitious HR professionals make big company impact

People HR is the fastest-growing HR solution in Europe. Launched in 2013 by a team of HR software experts, People HR solves the real pains of the modern HR professional, and helps them make strategic impact on their company’s success.

One of the reasons 4,000+ businesses love People HR, is that it can be accessed using any browser, on any device. This gives HR professionals the power to engage their workforce and keep track of HR information, no matter where in the world they are.

People HR is a web-based solution, meaning customers don’t need to worry about bothering their IT department – everything is maintained in the cloud. And because the software is easy to use, there is only a very small learning curve. Yes, even if this is your very first attempt at moving away from spreadsheets and paper forms!

People HR helps customers stay on top of important dates and tasks, by offering handy hints and reminders at key dates and decision points. This means things like right to work information aren’t left to expire, but it also means that employees birthdays are never forgotten.

Reporting is easy and fun, with pre-designed infographics that tell visual stories with employee data.

Our development team launches several user-driven feature releases each year. It’s how we keep up with the modern world of work, and make sure our customers always have the tools they need to make a seriously awesome impression with HR.